For 25 years, MTM established itself by crafting timepieces for the watch industry. Over those years, MTM team and the company founder and ex-military, kept his ear to the ground and was quick to respond to the needs of his peers still in service. When called upon, MTM developed a watch with an external and internal light in order to stealthily read maps at night or use as an emergency signal. That marked the creation of the Black Hawk, the first in a series of many highly acclaimed watches within this original brand: MTM Special Ops.

Forged in the past, designed for the present, MTM began as a response to the military’s need for dependable, tactical gear. Authentic American brand, these timepieces are an integral blend of cutting edge design and precise American technology. With quality and durability to be trusted, the brand’s proprietary design complications reflect the needs of the military, law enforcement, and Special Forces.

Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, crafted like an instrument, and designed with unparalleled accuracy, Special Ops Watches are built for action. Highly specialized since the beginning, MTM has produced timepieces that incorporate UV lights to detect blood unseen to the naked eye and a radiation detection device to chronicle exposure over time. It is this unique functionality that has carved an indelible niche in the industry.

The brand’s precise engineering and innate sense of style launched MTM into unforeseen territory. In recent years, the timepieces transcended their original intent and crossed the line that often divides function and fashion. Meticulously crafted with a bold and sophisticated design, MTM watches are no longer worn solely by men in uniform. These modern and elegant timepieces have earned their place in the fashion world.

The watchmakers and engineers have stayed true to their original vision as the line continues to evolve. Still designed, developed, engineered and assembled in Los Angeles, MTM watches have effortlessly garnered both a celebrity and a global following. This US brand started small with innovation caused out of necessity, but with the freedom to go against the grain, and developed revolutionary technology and a stunning line of products.

Though MTM Special Ops Watches are envisioned for the soldier, the athlete, the modern adventurer, the weekend warrior and for men both faithful and daring, these sophisticated and timeless timepieces add an edge to any lifestyle..